Digital Streaming Platforms



If you need more traction from streaming your music or content on Spotify, we can help you gain more plays and followers. We create marketing campaigns that leverage innovative tactics, such as blog promotion and pitching, to encourage shares and embeds of your song. We also run multiple email marketing campaigns and creative ads to attract new users to your channel. We keep you informed of any shares we receive so that you can track the progress of your single or album. If you want to earn more and grow your brand on Spotify, take the next step and reach out to us.


SoundCloud is a vital social media platform for musicians to share music and attract new followers and fans. We take pride in helping thousands of musicians globally build their brands through promoting on SoundCloud. If your goal is to release your music effectively while simultaneously establishing your brand, contact us for tailored campaigns or consultation.


Our services aim to enhance the success of your video content through various means, such as optimizing keywords, SEO, and thumbnails. We prioritize SEO as it holds more importance than promotion itself.


If you’re an upcoming or established musician, it’s necessary to have an EPK Press Kit for conducting business with partners, sponsors, and record labels. Your EPK should be modern, professional, and candidly reflect your intended message. It should highlight your latest songs, albums, and EPs, as well as your past achievements and future objectives. To begin creating your own EPK, please reach out to us.